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Ceramic Permeable Hydropavers

® are 100% ceramic pavers, perfect for roads, parking areas, driveways, public
footpaths, pedestrian precincts, garden paths, and patios.

Premier Pavers & Stone is pleased to bring Hydropavers
®, a range of totally permeable pavers, exclusively to Australia. The need
for hard surfaces that allow water to drain naturally has increased substantially.
Modern construction requires a modern response. Increased extremities
in weather mean an increased likelihood of flash flooding and other extreme
weather events.

® provide the perfect response to rainfall, whether it’s a light shower
or a heavy downpour. You don’t have to worry about finding a hiding
spot for that unsightly drain because the pavers act as the drain. The
permeable material allows the water to pass through the paver and go into
the soil, replenishing our groundwater stocks and assisting in the hydration
of surrounding plants.

Our Permeable Hydropavers
® have been nominated for the Green Building Product of the Year Award!

® truly are a modern response to a modern problem. They provide a flexible
construction option whilst being an eco-friendly alternative to current
paving options. They will also increase the safety of your paved area,
by reducing puddling and they also act as a surface temperature regulator,
making them perfect for cramped urban spaces where heat can be easily trapped.

Watch our video about Ceramic Permeable Hydropavers

Watch our video about Ceramic Permeable Hydropavers

What are the benefits of using permeable pavers?

  1. Super high level of permeability. More than 60mm of water permeates through Hydropavers
    ® per hour. Water can permeate through the entire face of the pavers, which
    is significantly different from other permeable pavers which only allow
    water to drain through the spaces between the pavers.
  2. Water conservation. Water returns to the soil improving the lives of plants and replenishing
    groundwater resources.
  3. Strong water absorbing capacity. Hydropavers
    ® absorb water like a sponge. If less than 5mm of rainwater falls, this
    water evaporates back into the atmosphere once the rain event is over.
  4. Safety and comfort. Rain water seeps into the ground rather than puddling – preventing the
    hazards that puddles can pose, including reducing the risk of people slipping,
    reducing sun glare and night reflection.
  5. Noise reduction. The porous structure of the paver absorbs a large amount of noise, making
    the pavers perfect for high-density urban areas or dwellings that are
    close to busy roads.
  6. Compression resistant and weathering resistant. Breaking load is 10kN for the 200x100x55 size paver, and 20kN for the 300x300x55
    size paver, meaning you can rely on Hydropavers
    ® to stand up under extreme weight. Hydropavers
    ® like ceramic tiles, are resistant to weathering, even when exposed to
    strong acids or alkalis.
  7. Eco-friendly. Designed to be used and reused, permeable pavers conserve rain water, regulate
    surface temperatures, reduce noise, and improve safety and comfort. All
    these environmentally friendly benefits in pavers that will blend beautifully
    in every home or commercial design.
  8. They are easy to clean. They clean up easily with a high pressure water cleaner.
  9. They never need sealing. Because they are made from ceramic material they do not need to be sealed.

Permeable pavers are a vital component of sustainable urban designs.

  1. They help reduce run-off. Rainwater flows through the pavers instead of across the surface of the
    pavers to a drainage point.
  2. They help reduce the number of pollutants that enter our waterways. Heavy metals, hydrocarbons, nitrates and phosphates are often present in
    run-off. By allowing water to filter through the pavers and subbase, fewer
    contaminants will reach our streams, rivers, seas and oceans.
  3. They help reduce flood risk. By allowing water to drain into the ground below them, the pavers take
    the pressure off stormwater drainage systems. The risk of flooding that
    may occur as a result of overloading these drainage systems is signifcantly reduced.
  4. They help reduce the risk of increased drought. Australia is one of the driest continents on Earth. Every drop of water
    is precious. Managing this essential natural resource is more important
    than ever. By allowing water to return to the water table, permeable pavers
    help increase the quantity of groundwater.
  5. They help reduce the Urban Heat Island Effect. Permeability and evaporation of water from the paver can regulate surface
    temperature of the pavers and help regulate surface temperature and air
    purity. Testing has shown that on a 32°C day, timber decking can reach
    temperatures of up to 59°C whereas permeable pavers measure at around 30°C.
  6. They are an important element of Water Sensitive Urban Design. They allow water to return to the water table, which may provide benefits
    to biodiversity.
  7. They help create Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems. They reduce run-off and standing water, and filter pollutants as the water
    flows through them, contributing to improving water quality.

In summary, Hydropavers
® help improve water quantity, water quality and biodiversity in our urban

If you want flexible, eco-friendly and innovative pavers you can trust,
you can’t go past Hydropavers
®. Modern construction requires a modern response, don’t get left
behind – invest in the future.

Colours and sizes

® are currently in stock in the following colours:

  • Dark Charcoal
  • Charcoal
  • Dark Grey
  • Silver
  • Sand

The sizes that are currently available include:

  • 600x300x55
  • 300x300x55
  • 200x100x55

Other colours that can be ordered in include:

  • Red
  • Brown

Other sizes that can be ordered in include:

  • 300x150x55
  • 200x200x55

Other sizes and colours may be able to be ordered in. Please
contact us for more details and to discuss your projects requirements.

Read our brochure for more information.

Technical Specifications of Ceramic Permeable Hydropavers
® :

  • Approximate weight per paver: 18 kg (600x300x55mm), or 9 kg (300x300x55mm),
    or 2 kg (200x100x55mm)
  • Permeability rate: greater than 60mm/hour
  • Water retention capacity: 6 litres per square meter
  • Anti slip rating: British Pendulum Number 65- 85
  • Breaking Load: 10 kN for the 200x100x55mm size paver, and 20 kN for the
    300x300x55mm size paver.

How do you lay permeable pavers?

Laying permeable pavers is remarkably similar to laying regular pavers
on a crushed rock and sand base. In conjuction with Nic van Diemen we
have produced a comprehensive guide for you. Contact us, and we will email
this guide to you.

Winner at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show

Lincoln Flynn, from Lincoln Flynn Landscape Garden and Graphic Design featured
our Permeable Hydropavers
® in his Achievable Garden design at the Melbourne International Flower
and Garden Show. His garden picked up two awards – First Place in
the judges awards for the Achievable Gardens, and the People’s Choice
Award as voted by the general public visiting the show. Congratulations Lincoln!

If you have any other questions, or need additional information, please
contact us.

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Charcoal Permeable Paver Pathway

Charcoal Permeable Paver Pathway and Driveway

Permeable pavers

Permeable pavers being laid

Charcoal Permeable Pavers

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